Accounting is something everyone knows needs to be done, but not everyone does it well. You could be a sole proprietor who does your accounts once every year, just because you need to file your income taxes. You could be a business or a charity who survives on the edge, not being sure of why the numbers are what they are. 

At Everyday Corporate, we believe in the value of time, and adding value to your organisation with ours. Hence, with most of our clients, we would propose the use of technology, in order to reduce any potential double work of data entry for the creation of invoice / payments and to help you, to help us use the time you pay for with added-value. 

Read about the key differences between Financial Reporting and Bookkeeping here.

Our core services included in the pricing quoted is detailed below-


Financial Reporting

  • Reconciliation of Bank and cash statements to accounting system

  • Preparation of Statement of Financial Position (previously known as Balance Sheet) and Statement of Comprehensive Income (previously known as Income Statement); the presentation of this will be agreed on during setup phase

  • Preparation of Balance sheet schedules (including fixed assets) and detailed accounts (General Ledger)

  • Checks on categorisation of data keyed in

  • All of the above information will be extracted into excel format for ease of use

  • Excludes: Data input, unless it was missed out during the month and reflected in the bank statements; Cashflow statement unless otherwise requested; Forecasting / Budgeting

  • Up to 50 transactions per month, 1 bank account without fixed assets


  • Recording of transactions (invoices, expenses, bank charged) into accounting books / system

  • Ensures categorisation of data keyed in is correct

  • All of the above information will be extracted into excel format for ease of use

  • Excludes: Financial Reporting

  • Up to 50 transactions per month, 1 bank account without fixed assets

Vendor Payment processing

  • Recording of payments to be made to vendors in the form of Payment Vouchers

  • Processing of payments to vendors

  • Payment methods available: Bank / Cheque

  • Excludes: Obtaining of signatories or payment approval; Corporate governance

  • Up to 20 transactions per month, 1 payment method

Setup of Accounting system & processes: from $500*

  • One-time cost for setup of accounting system

  • Recommendation of the top cloud accounting systems

  • Setup of Chart of Accounts and accounts presentation, important for ongoing analyses and data retrieval (includes our understanding of your business)

  • Creation of standard workflow to aid the ongoing process

  • Training of user/s to input ongoing data into accounting system

  • *$500 includes only minor setup of new accounting system on pre-existing accounting categories and training of 1 user.

Additional fees not included:

  • Accounting system: Approx from $25 per month depending on chosen system

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