These days, a website is the face of a company. Many customers browse the web to find services or goods that they need. They'd like to browse before engaging, know what you can offer them before gaining the trust to leave their contact. The portrayal of your brand, your services, and what you can offer over and above your competitors is what they see.

We believe that from the very simple to the complex, we can help you to build this. We're happy to be part of your journey and a very important one at that! On top of that, we're able to help you to do certain integrations, which would also help you reduce the time you spend on data entry work like bookkeeping.


Our core services included in the pricing quoted is detailed below-


Setup of Website

  • One-time cost for setup of website

  • Recommendation for the top website builders

  • Understanding, website ideation and design

  • Search Engine Optimisation focused

  • Creation of standard workflow pertaining to services or e-commerce orders

  • Training of user/s to perform minor changes

  • Variation of costs subject to complexity

Additional fees not included:

  • Domain fees: Approx from $2 per month (free for 1st year on some providers)

  • Website Host fees: Approx from $12 per month depending on chosen provider

  • Email with domain name: Approx from $3 per month

Website Management & Maintenance

  • Update on a monthly basis

  • Add or remove new services/items phased out

  • <10 changes made after the first 3 months



  • Add-on service only, if we perform your Website Setup / Management

  • One-time cost for setup of integration

  • Integration is endless. Depending on compatibility, examples are:

    • Accounting system to E-commerce

    • HR system to Accounting system

  • Training of user/s to utilise integration (if any)

Additional fees not included:

  • Cost of applications or services to be integrated

  • Cost of integration tools (if any)