My career path and vision for Everyday Corporate

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

Based in Singapore, I graduated from Singapore Management University with a degree in Bachelor of Accountancy, with a second major in Finance. To date, I have a total mash of 6 years experience as an auditor, a charity accountant, a MNC accountant, and a business owner.

I'd like to see myself not as your regular perspective of the usual accountant, but one who is able to understand your needs as they are mine, in my role as a retail business owner. I know that the purpose and meaning in what you do is important, and your success in your business will be mine as well.

I started my career as an auditor in PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC), often known as a good training ground for sharpening the eyes to meticulous precision. There, I gained exposure to handling multiple clients at a single time, and the requirements of conducting an audit. After spending a couple of years, I left the firm to get a Multinational Corporation (MNC) experience at FOX International Group as an accountant. I learnt of the sophisticated programs they used, which at that time did not occur to me.

The monthly single-duty routine of an MNC accountant life did not satisfy the millennial in me - I needed to pursue what I saw as a more meaningful use of my professional skills - Empact Pte Ltd. This was where I learnt not only of the needs of the social sector, which was what they specialised in, but also for small to medium enterprises (SMEs), while I was co-founding my own - Collab Pte Ltd (a tea business). During this time, I learnt the struggles of SMEs while speaking with the Directors, Heads of Finance and Board members during pre-engagement of services and our annual reviews - grappling with time to execute the current operations and to plan for the future, juggling the costs to keep the administrative part of the business in order, hiring and retaining proficient manpower to decipher the profitability of the business and how that would affect the plans ahead.

At Empact, I always looked back at my life and saw those tall, corporate buildings and told myself, maybe, just one day, maybe I would go back to the corporate life of a big company where there are plenty of employee benefits, bonuses were certain and income was stable. But I was wrong. I headed back to PwC where I first started when my ex-bosses gave me a holler for help during the intense peak period of an audit (Jan-Mar), and all I was reminded of was why I left in the first place. I was never made to regimentally serve a big company who needed a dispensable resource to work as much as they could till midnights, my passion was found when I worked at Empact: in entreprenuers, charities and SMEs where I get to find the best solutions for the problems they faced in each phase of their business progression. I needed a space where I could use my professional skills and experience, and at the same time have that flexibility of taking care the home.

My vision is for Everyday Corporate is to provide a cost effective way to which we can provide sound professional value-added services and advice to you as a business,

while tapping on my current professional experience and in the future, other professionals who, due to life's circumstances have decided that the regimental corporate life is too suffocating for them and need the flexibility at work - yet produce the same professional work that comes with all their corporate experiences. As a business owner myself, I'm passionate in finding affordable and value-added business solutions for you.