Here at Everyday Corporate, we liaise with the auditors on your behalf and only do minor audits, such as statements requiring verification by a chartered accountant. These minor audits can be signed by chartered accountants and do not require a public accountant.

A chartered accountant can signed smaller statement audits like:

  • Charities, which are not institutions of a public character or companies (with gross income or total expenditure of less than $500,000) - Read more

  • House to house and street collections (with proceeds <$5,000)

  • National Arts Council Presentation and Participation Grant (grants request of more than $20,000)

A public accountant is only required for: 

  • The appointment of an auditor of financial statements in Singapore 

  • The audit opinion on an audited financial statements

  • Ensuring that the audit is conducted in accordance with the Singapore Standards on Auditing (SSA) and other requirements.

Our core services included in the pricing quoted is detailed below-

Minor Audits

  • Planning for the execution of the audit

  • Fieldwork to verify the numbers required for submission to relevant authorities

  • Audit Report / Signing on the statement or form

  • Fees subject to complexity, transaction volume and risk undertaken

Audit liaison

  • Add-on service only, if we perform your Bookkeeping / Financial Reporting

  • Liaison with auditors

  • Preparation of Audit schedules

  • Preparation of requested documents by auditors

  • Review of Audit adjustments proposed by auditors